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Our Goals are Your Goals

Navigating the sale of your barber shop, beauty salon or nail salon may prove complex, because most owners do not plan for the exit of their business.  When you are ready to sell your business, working with a teammate familiar with your industry and operations is a huge advantage. 

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Groomed & Polished Business Brokers, LLC is the best firm to assist you with selling your business. 

You will be assigned a Sales Representative who will work with you step-by-step to sell your business. 


Your representative will:

  • conduct a business analysis

  • create a custom marketing strategy

  • screen potential buyers and

  • negotiate and streamline the sales process

so you can continue operating your business.


The advantage of working with Groomed & Polished Business Brokers, LLC is our networks and professional relationships with cosmetology-based small business owners and business professionals.  This means we can sell your business in less time and at a better price than a traditional business broker.   Contact us to schedule a consultation. 

Proprietor Confidential Services

  • Sales Process Guidance

  • Buyer Screening and Negotiation

  • Business Analysis 

  • Custom Marketing Strategy

  • Perform Due Diligence