Our Goals are Your Goals

If your dream is to own your own barber shop, beauty salon or nail salon, buying a business is an option, but not a simple task.  Groomed & Polished Business Brokers, LLC can help make your dream a reality. 

Groomed & Polished Business Brokers, LLC is the best firm to assist you with buying your business. 

You will be assigned an Acquisitions Representative who has a background in the cosmetology filed who will work with you to streamline the sales process, screening potential businesses, conduct the business analysis, identify financing options and oversee negotiations.  


The Acquisitions Representative job is to work in partnership with clients to ensure the transaction best reflect our client’s goals and the transfer of ownership is managed, properly.  Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Prospective Buyer Confidential Services

  • Purchase Process Guidance

  • Business Screening and Negotiations

  • Business Analysis

  • Identify Financing 

  • Perform Due Diligence